Data Center Solutions

Dubai Technologies

Data Center has become more powerful than ever today and businesses are highly dependent on the components of a DC viz. business critical applications, Server – Storage – Virtualisation with real-time back up to have best in class security solutions. The speed of change in the data center due to virtualization has been unprecedented.

With the Data Center and Edge IT solution, DT ensures that we are relevant to customers for all their IT needs in Data Center, Networking and Security requirements through effective, holistic and flexible solutions using updated technologies. The objective of CXO from their DC/DR/NDR is – Availability of information round the clock with limited hardware footprint, less OPEx and ease of operations. In this solution, DT understands the customer’s requirements and then architects solutions meeting their business needs from an IT infrastructure and integration services perspective.

DC is about application availability through integration of devices, securing end to end delivery of information and managing them against known / unknown vulnerabilities. Dubai Technologies with its global exposure of providing best-in class solutions across varied industries ensures smooth project execution delivered by its skilled and certified technology experts.

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